Look, talk, listen and reply!

Hi, I'm a guy and I usually have problems making the first move tough I met this girl a few days ago and suddenly I had allot of convidence.

My first contact was to say "You did great!" (she just done a performance on stage) and walked straight passed her, looked her in the eyes and laughed gently.
Second time I got past here I asked here where she got that "hoody" she wore at the performance, now listen up guys at this point it can go either way
1) She laughes and reply's
2) She reply's and goes on with what she was doing

The girl I was asking laughed and reply'd.
This made me notice she was allright and I could talk to her.
If you want to stay in contact with her wait for the moment you or she leaves and ask her phonenumber.
If she gives it just go and wish her a good evenin', afternoon of whatever =)
Call or txt message here immidiatly when you leave her (either you go or she goes away).
Just compliment her again and say "Now you have my phone number aswell" then just wait for her to reply and have a chat.

Guys) I know its hard sometimes to take the first move but when you see a girl you realy like (at first sight) just do it and think "F*ck it, No is what I have and Yes is what I can get" try, experiment and learn!

PS. this tip can be changed in many context =) just try it