My boyfriend of 8 years cheated on me and he has turned it around and blamed his actions all on me. The girl he cheated with thought we were no longer together and haven't been for 6 months... he was so good at convincing her that. To top it all off, I'm 4 months pregnant with his baby. Last night he was with me and tonight I drove by his apartment and her car was there. I know tomorrow he will come running to me like nothing has happened. I'm so weak when I'm around him... don't know why he has this power over me. I wish it would all stop because I'm the only one getting hurt. Tomorrow, I plan on introducing my tummy to his new fling, I wonder what he will think about that.

No matter how much you love someone and how much you trust them, you always have to be careful and watch out for yourself. Once a cheater will always be a cheater. I am going to have trouble moving on without him but I can't trust him anymore no matter how much I love him. I always thought I could forgive him for whatever he did because of the strong love we share, but this, I am unable to forgive. Baby or no baby... I will find a way to survive without him.