Your boyfriend, a.k.a. your 6-foot, 180-pound son.

Okay Ladies, its only been 5 months, yet already somehow I find myself raising a 20-year-old little boy. This has gotta go. not only for obvious reasons, but many that don't even occur to us until we have ridden ourselves of such a plague:

Here are some tips as to finding out whether you have a boyfriend or a boychild:

-He expects you to plan, organize and/or excecute all or most activities you do together.

-Though you keep up your promises to do things for him, he rarely reciprocates.

-He gets very excited about you and often puts you on a pedestal with his words, but his actions tell a different story

-has a hard time being himself around your close friends or relatives.

-he has some issues with his own mother/female figure-head

-He expects full support from you in all of his endeavors, yet you find yourself feeling like you get little to no support at all.

-you find yourself caught in a vain and fruitless never-ending attempt to impress him or to catch his interest in some way.

-he has few or no plans for his life; is unmotivated.

-he is constantly wrapped up in his own buisness and rarely has time for you, or expects you to be by his side in all his endeavors instead of encouraging you to persue your own.

-if you even tread near talking about something he did that hurts you, you somehow end up comforting him.

-he rarely comforts/stands up for/protects you, though you might be doing that for him.

-finally, he may also break promises or forget you on important dates such as anniversaries, holidays, or your birthday.

if even a handful of these are familiar to you, beware of your relationship. you might be less of a girlfriend and more of a mommy then you think. Don't let this over-grown baby sap the life out of you! He should be pleasuring your breasts, not nursing from them! you are a beautiful, smart woman who deserves a real man, so tell your boy to either grow up or get out. He can change his own damn dipey. your not his mother, and he needs to be a man and take care of himself (oh hey, and maybe you too. what a concept)... either way he'll be doing something he should have done a long time ago... leaving the nest.