Maybe you can all relate in some way.?

Okay so right now I am 14 year old "CHILD" but if you could see me in person, you'd PROBABLY think i'm 16 or older. I don't act like a little naive kid, either. I am absolutley HEAD OVER HEELS for this 17 year old "soon to be ADULT". It's not my fault I have devolped feelings for him. We're so perfect for eachother in eachothers eyes, and I honestly hope this feeling never goes away.

I'm sure many of you reading this have "age difference" issues, and they are ALL different for different matters. But what me & my signifacant other are doing is WAITING because it's safer, and that way we can see if it's each-other we care for or if it's other things. If you really love someone & they love you back, you would wait as JUST FRIENDS for now. I don't think age should stop people from loving eachother though, and if your like 16 dating a 48 year old then's a tad bit on the weird side- BUT don't let random numbers stop you. It's not gross, it's love. Love can be anything you want it to be.
Don't let other people such as family, friends, the "pd" or whatever talk you out of it. It's your life & your choices.
As long as the two of you agree, then everythings chill.
People these days need to mind there own bussiness.

That's it.