what boys should learn

Dont WAIT her to get mad or dissapointed to start pleasing her. One very simple and common example:
You screw up by getting late, you have a fight and you're the blamed one, or something like that. The next day u give her flowers and a lover card. Don't wait for her to get pissed off to get her flowers, or any special occasion. if you really care about her, u dont even need to buy a bouquet. steal a flower from a frontyard and give her as soion as u see her: becaus eu love her, not because something happened.
If you're in a distance relationship.. my friend, you have tons of ways to be romentic. there are emails, online cards, sites like orkut, msn, etc. Don't wait for her to ASK YOU to be more romantic. Don't let her down or sad. We always want to be rememberd of the love we have... we want to feel good as any human being; we wanna feel loved. and being loved is not to recieve a good night or keep being alled 'my angel' or 'my everything' right before you're gone. Surprise us. U dont need to buit her a marble statue; just a litle short message every day... a little reminder you care about her. not after she tells you she needs more attention; just give her some. : P
It's not so hard... all you need to do is stop and THINK for a while, my fella. don't wait to think after she shouts at you.
By the way: calling yourself an idiot to her doesent help: shes probably gonna think, or even worse, say: ah, thats no news! : P
One other thing, still under teh flowers example (but it doesent have to be flowers.): she told you, once, 2 years ago, tahts he didint liek flowers. Trust me: she was just playing misterious. she didnt mean to say she doesent wanna see a garden in her whole life. I believe we do have a problem: a lot of times, we say things meaning another. Those things we mean, you'll learn with time. But, unless youre hemaphrodit or gay, you'll have to get used to this. just ask yourself: you wanna learn those, or you prefer never having a nice happy ending? or better: no ending at all! u.u
You dont have to exagerate: keep it simple, most of the time. We might be complicated: so don't make it even more complicated.
Back to my first paragraph: If you screw up, and in the next day do everything to make this up to her, learn this: It doesen't matter if you do everything to make her forgive you: If you keep screwing up, all this soap opera of flowers and gifts will die after the next fight or dissapointing.
Just care more about little things: Because for a girl, little things do matter. Take care of her, my friend: Do like you do with your car, your guitar, or whatever other thing you love: polish, play it, and it won't get ruined or sad with the time.
It feels much better after writing this : P thanks for whoever read this; i hope i've been helpfull for anyone else.