But what if you still don't know?

All these tips offer the common sense perspective that you need when breaking up, but how come, to me, a person deciding whether to carry on with the relationship or not, does not of this seem to matter?
How do you know if it is you who is being put down by the partner? If they tell you it is all in your head, why not believe them. They are the person you trust enough to get serious with in the first place. My partner has never cheated, he is honest, intellegent, selfless. I am the opposite. I am weak and not good enough. I just want to be with him, and that isn't enough for him anymore. I hate being so unsure. Because I am a rational person. I am intellegent when it comes to things academic. He tells me I shouldn't act the way I do. That I have no social skills. He tells me I am wrong. And i believe him, i believe it really is true. Im sure it is. and that just makes my shyer and more reclused. I thought he was putting me down, making me down, but he doesn't see it. No matter what I say he has an answer. He has a way of making everything my fault. But I cant live without him. I love him. Why is love so complicated. So contradictory. I'm sorry this isnt a tip, but i just wanted people in a similar situation to me, that everything will be ok, and you arent the only one.