We've been together for 917 days. She's a truly sweet girl. She gives in to me commpletely and I kind of take her for granted. Now, we've broke up. I reflected a lot. I really regretted. She's very easily satisfied and I can't even satisfy her a simple thing like playing badminton. I'm really an ass. I regretted so much, so much.

Girl, I really hope you'll give me one last chance. Just this chance. I'm kind of lost for words right now. But actions speaks louder than words. If you are willing to give me a chance to woo you all over again, I swear we'll gonna be forever and I'm never gonna hurt you again. I know what it's like to lose you, so I really will treasure you. Again. action speaks louder than words.

For those couples out there; treasure each other if you really love him/her. Don't wait till you've lost him/her. You'll regret for sure.