for guys

ok guys this is gonna help u only if u wanna follow it. its 3 simple things:
#1. dont b a jerk! being a jerk is a huge turn off! if u r running around being rude and crap we dont like it cus we think thats how u will act around us and its embarrasing!
#2. wear the rite cloths, dont wear the shirts that mommy picked out. and never wear pink! its gay. for a pants, try a skinny jean, for the same reasons that girls wear them. they accents ur butt!!
#3. dont shave or drasticly cut ur hair! its the worst, and i mean worst thing that u cud do! girls love shags! and if u hav a shag, dont cut it! do not cut ur hair! unless its longer than girls long hair!
#4. be clean! if u smell, shower, if ur breath stinks, pop a tic tac! and if u hav acne then wash ur face! if girls keep their face clean then keep ur face clean!
#5. dont go all gangsta! it kinda scares girls! if u start taking like a bad ass then we will move on!
well i hope these tips help u guys!