Don't be Nervous! (Coming from a girl!)

Don't be nervous about asking her to dance or asking her to go out with you. If she's alone at a dance and you want to dance with her...ask her. If she says no, then leave her alone for a couple of slow dance songs. After that, wait for another slow dance song to come up and be confident when asking her to dance for a second time. Look into her eyes, (eye contact is very crucial when asking a girl something). If she says no I'm really sorry. I guess it's her problem or somethign. But if she says yes, give her a big flirtatious smile and hold out your hand for her to take. If she doesn't take your hand that's a hint that she doesn't want but if she does grab your hand, great. Hold her hand and take her to the middle of the dance floor and dance to the slow song. And if it's awkward while dancing, you better start talking, like asking her questions and how she's enjoying the dance.

When asking a girl to dance:
1. Look her in the eyes
2. Hold out your hand
3. Smile
4. Say, " (Her name), would you like to dance?"
5. And SMILE!