Works Everytime Flirting Tips For Guys

i'm a girl, when my boyfriend does these to me they always work.

When u and ur girlfriend are sitting next to eachother sit really close to her it lets her know that you are comfortable touching her and lets her know that u dont mind if she touches you.

Most girls like it when you tickle there waist. it is very flirtatious. it is also a very good way to make a move.

Here's the move..

If ur sittingg next to her grab her waist on each side and tickle her but when u stop tickling her leave ur arm around her (totally turned me on. i LOVED it when my boyfriend did it to me. it was sooo cute and flirtatious!).


If you are walking together or sitting next to eachother randomly touch her fingers gently with ur fingers. it lets her know u want to hold hands. if she doesnt grab your hand after awhile u make the first move and grab her hand.