A fun fantasy of mine (hot kiss)

Me and my boy friend were in his front yard and we were just innocently sitting in the grass together. I was feeling a bit frisky so i decided to initiate one of the most fun make out sessions I've ever had.

So, find a private place that has a grassy spot or hill, like a park or a yard. Unexpectedly climb on top of him as you lay him down. Start kissing him. You can even grab his hands, or just hold him tight.

If he is turned on by your dominance, he might then be inclined to either enjoy the sudden lusty assault, or he might spring into action. If he does, he will hopefully roll you over so he is on the top. When he does, slowly keep working to roll onto the top.

When me and my boyfriend did this we ended up rolling down half the hill in a passionate kiss. It was amazingly fun! Plus he did get horny from the short excursion. :) Enjoy!