like my lip gloss?

Ive done this to a couple of my boyfriends and they absolutely loved it! what you do is: next time you hang out with your man either at his house or yours, and you are just sitting around on the couch snugglig and watching a movie, apply a fresh coat of your best tasting lip gloss. Then turn to him and ask him "like my lip gloss?" and before he answers tell him what it tastes like. then ask him if he wants to taste it, give him a sexy look and when he goes in for a kiss, lean in, close your eyes and reach over him to get the lip gloss that you put on the table behind him. uncap it and put a little on his finger. the he will give you a "are you serious" look.thats when you give him the innocent look and a cute smile. then once he tastes it (surprisingly he will) put it back on the table behind him but this time when you come back actually let him taste it ;)