Just Be Honest

Being Selfish is what has gotten you to this point..

This is so hypocritical because i am just trying to work on this right now myself..

but i know that lying just digs you deeper..
and hiding it only makes it 10 times more terrible when it comes out.. becasue it will.. and they will find out.. and you need them to, becasue if we can honeslty lie to our boyfriends and tell them all that time that nothing has ever happened.. then our relationships suck anyways and we cant really be in love until we are totally ready and prepared to be 100% honest to everyone.

if you have cheated.. i recommend just getting it out and dealing with it.. and moving on.. in whatever direction is nessacary. because when things do surface.. all the painful memories will just seem a million times more painful.. and you will feel a million times more guilty.

once we are honest.. things will work out somehow..
because honesty is the only thing thats real..