after 5 years 2getha now heartbroken,im learning

after 5 years together,a 2 year old lil girl...his family,ex and teenage thru it all to have him now tel me he doesnt love me anymore!
ive done it all wrong....ive sobbed...talked til im blue in the face,said sorry a million times,shown weakness and the fact i as emotionaly dependant on him (fool!) used all the guilt trips at hand,text him,rang him...the simple solution is do nothing!!
now thats a hard thing for me to just not that way (you know what i mean girls!)
im now showing him that..well its fine you dont want me...(even thou its a lie)....he seems more compelled to be nice to me..the arguements have stopped...hes even coming round to spend his birthday with me and our lil one!!!
i know its hard but (this is guys were talking about) strong (at least infront of him)
2.dont say anything that could make things akward should you get back together
3.look him that you care about yourself!
4.DO NOT ring ,text or email unless 100% need to ie(joint resposabilitys eg children) civil...polite..but dont boost his ego
6.say sorry to what you believe you should say sorry for,dont add extra things...he may not have thought about
7.dont beg
8.dont ask him about his social life at the minute..dont over show interest in his personal life

i did the complete opposite to the 33 i should have known slowing learning...and yeah its easier said than carrying on with my own advice cos i can see clearer now..dont make the mistakes i have if you want him back

oh and remember dont change all that much..they never really grow up and tend to not want grow up either.....always be strong..keep them on their toes a little and leave just a bit of mystery
good luck xx