No dishwasher!

It's repulsive when you finish with the kiss and you feel like you've just had a load of laundry washed inside your mouth...please, guys and i'm sure this applies to some girls, keep tongue action light and don't put ur tongue in too don't wanna gag the poor babe. Too much saliva is the worst, so try to make that minimal too. also, don't open your mouth too wide. When first going in for the kiss, keep your mouth closed. then when you reach their lips, part your lips a little and kind of close them around your babe's bottom lip. then add a little tongue. Less is more, unless ur really getting heavy ie just about to go to next base. But for people such as: first-time gf/bfs, or if ur a little shy and unsure of your kissing skills, then follow those rules. and keep to a kind of rhythm: lightly suck the bottom lip, slip in a little tongue, and slide the tongue across their top lip. to make it interesting, use your hands: girls, tickle his neck a little with your nails or fingertips, and slowly move up his neck and into his hair,and start playing with his hair lightly. If his hands start wandering to unwanted places(up ur shirt, or leg) grab his hand, pull away from the kiss for a moment, and say "behave!" with a cute, flirty smile and a giggle. haha. he'll be a little disappointed that he didn't get to touch what he wanted to, but it will make him want it more and it will keep him interested for longer if you don't let him get it easily. It's a challenge for him!