GUYS: Trust me on these tips! These are some things that can make a girl melt..

1. Personally, I absolutely love it when a guy calls me 'cute' or better yet 'beautiful.' And boys.. don't just say it; actually mean it.

2. It's so sweet when guys send us little text messages and such just to say goodnight or to have a nice day! I completely melt when I get those. And if you're gonna ask for racey pictures.. don't beg for them. If we don't wanna send you pictures, don't ask again! Just wait and maybe you'll get lucky another time.

3. I don't know about most other girls, but it drives me crazy when guys linger on one topic during conversation. We don't need you to repeat yourself. Really, don't continuously talk about your excitement for your favorite TV show. Change the subject!

4. Don't go around telling all the other girls in the world that they're cute, or send them smileys. We wanna feel special, and if you do those little things for all the other girls it can get us jealous and make us sad. :(

5. If you've got the strength, lift us up while you hug us and hold us tight! You're almost garaunteed a smile or a laugh. And I think I speak for girls everywhere when I say that the longer the hug, the better.

6. JUST KISS HER. Seriously, boys. We want you to be the one to make a move. It's not gonna ruin your life, just do it! :)

I hope I helped!