Young Love..friends :S

Well, i liked my male friend since january, and i told him, i did it because we were always chatting we were best friends and we told eachother everything. All my female friends said he likes you, and i never thought he did. so i told him on the phone one night, i just did it. The a few weeks later i called him because he said "we needed to talk on msn" i called anyway, and he asked me did i still like him, i said yes, he said well i like you to, its just took me a few weeks to think and i really do like you, the following day i got a message saying there was a disco on that night and nothing happened, but in the taxi on the way home we kissed..he told me how much he had liked me and he said "i think i love you" i couldnt beleive it and a few days later he asked me out..thats it we have been together since, and we are totally in love, and it doesnt matter what age you are, tell people how you feel because you might not get a second chance. :D thanks goodluck in love...x0x