I am torn :-(

Many say that an open relationship with the truth completely out there is best. But this situation warrants much thought. If you are with someone who can completely handle the truth, then I say tell. They will be able to make a decision based on clarity. If you arent, it will lead to much hurt for you and your mate. I cheated and told my significant other and it did nothing but make us completely depressed for sooo long. We stayed together b/c we didnt have a choice..but after many discussions and tears things got a little better.

Always the trust between you two will be shattered. Thats something you have to deal with. In my situation it took so long for our relationship to come to the surface that both of our hearts have gone completely cold and I really dont see us going on for much longer.

It has helped me to open my eyes to my own actions though. Life is funny and you have to find meaning in everything. Learn to forgive from within and remember that although our society teaches us that we need to be in a relationship, our world has changed to the point where relationships may not be for everyone.