Make her want you!!

first thing you have to do is make up a person. For example Marie, make up a story of how you met her and how good friends you are. You want your ex to want you more so dont stop being friends with him, actually do the oppisite get really near him, and share things with him, like your feelings for this Marie person, Make him jealous!! Talk about how good looking smart, sweet ect., he is. And finally ask him for advise!! this always works for me, Just be like can you help me with something I really like this girl but we have been friends for a while now, and i dont no if i should brake friends status or if i should just leave it as friends. Let him kno that you like him as a friend and that you are interested in other people. That you do not love her anymore and that you are very happy with this new crush.
*have fun with this, never stop being friends with him, and always look your finest make him drewl for you, Make him want you more than ever!!!