Long Distance Love

Ok, so there r sum ppl who say long distance will not work, but i cudnt disagree more. Me nd mah bf hav known each ova for ages now nd been wiv each ova for quite a while. Most of his mates say he's reli luki 2 hav met me but I think I'm the lukiest gurl in the world. He treats me dif than every1 else and puts me first no matter wat. He wud du anythin for me nd tells me he luvs me all the time nd wen e dus it makes me hav the most incredible feelin inside. I think it must ov been destiny that we met nd hes jus my everythin nd I luv him more than anythin else. SO NO MATTA WAT ANY1 ELSE SAYS IT DNT MATTA, IF U LUV THAT PERSON BUT U LIV A BIT FAR APART, ND U R DEFO SURE ITS LUV THEN GO FOR IT! coz 1 day wen ur 2getha its worth the wait nd the most amazin feelin. x