Wowzers!! Total Turn on for guys!!

When you're alone together, watching a movie, lie down in the spooning position. He will most likely wrap one of his arms under you, and drap the other across your stomach, interlocking his hands to hold you closer to him. Girls: slowly turn towards him, and smile at him. When you go up to kiss him, make it soft and sweet, but be a little hesitant. Not hesitant enough to make him think you don't want to kiss him, but enough to make him want you. While kissing him, slowly tilt your head back a little bit. If he's paying attention, he should be aware that you just gave him an open inviation to kiss your neck. As he kisses your neck, pull his body closer to you, and start playing with his hair. This will get them turned on. If you're comfortable, let him kiss you down to your chest. Trust me, this is such an amazing feeling, and the two of you will never forget it. Plus, it's a total turn on for the both of you: him seeing how much pleasure he's giving you, and you feeling the love that he is giving you! TRY THIS!!!