Trust in God, he works in mysterious ways.

I've been with my on again, off again boyfriend for about 4 years. Yes, ladies, 4 years. He's my first love & I'm his. Nothing has been perfect in our relationship, we argue about everything, but thats the way our relationship just works. He's changed a lot in these past 4 years always saying he wants space & wants to just chill, all this and that. We've really broken up once before and we didn't speak for about a month, he ignored me & I wanted him more and more everyday. Finally one day, he asked to hang out and from then on he called me everyday to see me. It's been 6 months since then & he's broken up with me again over the same thing. This time, I'm gonna ignore him. I love him with all my heart and I truly want him back. This time, I want my space.

Here's another tip, believe in God and all that he can do for you. 4 Years ago, I was with someone who didn't treat me right and only wanted me cus he thought he could get in my pants. I broke up with him & one night, I prayed for real love. Someone who would love me with all his heart & be with me because he loved me. A few weeks later, I met Ray & he's the best thing thats ever happened to me. He introduced me to a new way of loving God and loving myself and others. Even now during this new break up, I pray to God and I know he'll bring him back. He has before and I know he'll do it again. Believe in God and pray to him. He'll answer your prayers when you least expect it. Most of all ladies, on this break up journey, learn to love yourselves. Go out with your friends and remember what it was like to be single. Give yourself a chance to find yourself. Be as happy as you can be, you'll glow, seriously. When you & your ex get back together, he'll see that same glow and wonder what happened and be so intrigued. LOVE YOURSELVES AND LOVE GOD.