Attracted to an Ex and being cheated on

I was one of those ppl who always said that they would never cheat, that they would NEVER EVER consider hurting the person they were with. i never thought i would be just like everyone else, tempted to do something i swore i would never do.
i am crazy about my current boyfriend but i couldnt help feeling attracted to my ex cos some of those attractions that he held for me when we were dating are still there.
i got tempted to cheat, to the point where i had to step back and stop myself.
you never truly forget anyone you date, there will always be some thing left behind that you will always love about them but the important thing that i reaslised is that what ever temporary enjoyment i would get from cheating the eventual pain and hurt in my partners eyes would be something i cud not handle.
the guilt from cheating someone you truly care about is the worst feeling in the world.
CHEATERS NEVER GET WHAT THEY WANT. all they do is bring pain and suffereing upon themselves. then years later they tell you that cheating on you was the stuidest thing they ever did.