a technique that will drive him crazy

try this:
part 1. when you're both about to kiss, move SLIGHTLY out of his aim, so your cheek brushes against his and he misses and kisses your chin or the corner of your mouth. he will probably feel a nervous excitement, and wonder if you're thinking he's clumsy (chances are that no matter how confident or shy your boy is, he'll be kicking himself for missing).
part 2. tilt your head a little and run the tip of your nose across his cheek where your cheek just touched his. Then touch the tip of your nose to the left side of his nose, and softly brush your lips against his. this should all be happening relatively slowly, in a really passionate and somehow kinky way. At this point, who knows what he'll be thinking; it's a mixture of extreme excitement and relief that you still want to kiss him, and happiness that you just kissed him (even if it was just barely a kiss), and needless to say he's really turned on at this point and he can't wait for what you might do next.
part 3. now don't move your head back, your eyes should be closed and your right hand should be on his lower back. your left hand should be resting lightly on his elbow or the top of his lower arm; he'll feel your touch and it will give him shivers (in a good way!) now, instead of slowly moving in, move in at a faster pace (but don't go too fast - you don't want to bonk heads or hurt him!) and press your lips against his. your upper lip should be between his upper and lower lips; if you don't get in this position right away, it's ok to adjust where your lips are :) Now, move your upper lip between his lips and begin to gently suck his bottom lip. From here, it should slowly.. or quickly, doesn't matter.. progress into him returning the kiss. this is a gentle, soft, sweet kiss, but your previous actions (part 1 and 2) will leave him still feeling extremely turned on. he should be sucking your upper lip.
part 4. gently rub your tongue against the opening between his lips; if he accepts it, which theres a 99% chance he will, stick your tongue in his mouth and run the tip of it across the bottom of his top row of teeth.then begin to rub the tip of it against the sides of his tongue. Things will move on from here and if your guy has any good-kisser potential whatsoever he'll take some initiative and begin doing things with his tongue too. He'll think you're a great kisser, and this kiss is innocent but also naughty if you do it right. he'll want more!