should we get back together

3 months ago i broke up with my boyfriend because we just got into this big fight one of the biggest fights we ever had and he was in my face and i was in his crazy,well ever since that day he has been trying to get back with me he use to cry and say he wents me back that he needs me and all that over things, but then he had to move and from there he started telling me that he needs to take time for his self b-cuz he trying to get his life together so he told me to wait for him like he did for me but then out of no where he took me off his myspace top and put some other girl his first but he tryed to stay one of his friend did that as a joke... we been aruging all the time and then he had heard that i had sex with someboy while he was in lock up and that wasnt true at all thats the only boy that i have ever done anything with we were going out for 2 years and 5 months that was my fist real boyfriend we been through so much and im only 16 we started going out when i was 14 that was a long time well to me and him.. and i still think thats he has a girl but he still say he doesnt and he gets mad every time i say that he still calls me and he still tells me he loves me when we hang up on the phone so what do u think ?