Romantic, Sexy Kiss (for guys)

If you and your gf are watching a movie , put her legs in your lap and stroke them softly (she will propley moan) then once the commerical is on move torwards her then set your self on top of her ( dont put all your weight onto her) when you reach her face, growl really sexy like a tiger, softly kiss her lips , then play with her hair, then kiss down her neck then lick her neck then blow on it it will give a tingling sensation for her. Then whisper something sexy in her ear , french kiss her and say i love you, baby...she will want more so pull away and go back to your normal sitting upright postion and just stroke her legs. this will leave her wanting more of you!

(Do not do this , if your not past the first kissing stage, your gf has to feel comfterble with it.)