Commercial Kiss

If you are laying down one night watching a movie with your sweetie and you want to get things fired up between you do this.

Guys: The next commercial that comes one start to run your hand up her shirt ( not to feel her up just to let her know that you are in the mood.) when she looks at you start kissing her and finally make a move to get on top of her. While she is laying under you postition yourself comfortably pressing yourself down between her legs so that she can feel every part of you aching for her and then kiss her. Kiss her neck, her ears, then if you want to really turn her on pull her shirt up and start gently tracing her bellybutton with your tounge, slipping it in and out and sucking (its really good with a bellybutton ring). Then gently moved back up as she moans and kiss her. Squeeze her breasts if you know she will let you, just be passionate and let it take it's course.

Girls: While your sweetie is pressing himself aganst you and if it gives you thrills, gently claw the arch of his back. (not hard) Take both hands and press the small of his back down to you trying to get more of him, this will be a major turn on for him. Just get kinky with it.