This is so hard .... movin on boi!!!

i broke up with my ex nearly a year ago . We were together for 5 months . i am soo in luv with him its soo unbelievable and i dont know why . he goes around like he hates me and he dont wanna be around me , but i just wonder where all this hatred has come from cause i aint done nuffin 2 him . i dont kno if he still likes me but i want him to .
there could either b a chance for us to get bk together OR i just have to move on
But its soo hard to decide which one it is
Like i sed 1 year has gone past .. i have been with 3 other guys after him but i just keep thinking bout him ...
I duno wot to say really but
Follow your hear dbut not till the point that u make urself constantly upset over this guy ... which is wot i am doin ... and trust me it aint helpin