Be a Gentlemen

Obviously girls like guys who are nice and respectful. So be just that. Open doors for her, tell her she's looking good, don't stare at her, make sure she's comfortable and at ease (before you are). Just remember not to take this to far, I think you guys out there know what I mean. Don't get to close to fast, we all have had that problem at one point or another.The thing is shes gonna get creept out if you hover over her and are constantly at her side (this goes when the relationship is new boys). Slowly make moves that you know will send of the signal that you like her, and of course do this when you know her well. Read her body language, its pretty obviouse if shes uncomfortable with something your doing or whats going on. If you know theres something wrong ask her whats wrong and be sympathetic and understanding. As men we have to make the moves or no moves will be made. Go for her when the timing is right you'll know when. Peace go out and get 'em!