Do I realy want him back?

well i finaly ask the question my heart dosent know the answer to but my head needs to know, or was it my heart that needs the answer and my head the dosent know. ither way i know i am in love, my ex was a amazing he forgave me for lying to him and he promised to be their when i needed him the most, i still cry my self to sleep.
my heart breaks everytime i see his photo or he sends me a text message. i still want to see him and be their for him and tell him i love him. i still want that happy ending with him. but do i love him or do i love that i was in love??
only time will tell.
i hope none of u heartbroken people expect to find a way to "get him/her back" because love has no quick fixes.
its all up to fait and if you are ment to be than u wont be asking the question how do i get them back. ull be living your life knowing that what will be, will be.
and in your heart you will know that you will be together for you happy ever after when your journy of single life ends and fate says its time for your life togher begins.
untill you ship of love comes in let mr/mrs right go for w while because they will be back if they are mr/mrs rite. untill they walk back in, just let mr/mrs rite now take you on a romanitic or raunchy ride of lust and love, live you life for you, be happay and live life to the fullest because good things come to those who wait and u deserve the best.