HAHA!!! If your going out with the best guy ever than that's totally awsome!! Okay so last Friday Deono (my boyfriend) and I were on the bus after school. And so our friend Tyler said, "okay let's see how long you to can make out!" so we looked at each other, smiled, and we're all like okay sure. SO Tyler told his "rules" and he said that if we got anything under a minute that we were wusses....any way so he said that he'd tell us when it was a minute. Then he said GO... A minute later "okay you two it's been a minute" it was funny cuz we didn't even hear him say it. So after awhile Tyler tapped us both and said "BREATHE BREATH!!!!" which made us break out laughing so we had to stop kissing lol... he said that our time was 2 minutes lol

Me and Deono have agreed to break the time lol XD