Sit in his lap

Remember that game called spider that we used to play on the swings when we were little? - the one where your friend would sit facing forward, and then you'd sit on their lap facing backwards and kick your legs til u were airborne? Guys get turned on like no other by close contact in...certain areas - try sitting in his lap next time you two are frenching, but face him and wrap your legs around his waist. Make sure the lights are either out or dimmed, and you're sitting on or close to a soft surface (i.e bed or couch, should things heat up :D). Run your fingers through his hair and down his back. If you're feeling daring gently put your hands up his shirt and massage his chest and back, then pull him closer to you and rest your head in that perrect little crevice on his shoulder. I guarantee that you will be able to feel him melting in your arms.