Sure, my girlfriend cheated on me! But I'm still alive.

In a few days, it will be a year since my girlfriend has cheated on me. The next day that she told me that she made out with a friend of hers for an hour, hurt me so much (especially because she was my first serious relationship). It took me about a year to start to trust her completely and have faith in her. But I will say, everytime his name comes up or she talks about that night, the hurt that was accumalted returns and haunts me for a few weeks.
I guess it didn't help that after I chose to forgive her, she admitted to that guy's brother that he was the best kiss she ever had. That hurt even more, knowing that I already forgave her, she abused my trust and hurt me even further. That ditz!
To this day, I'm still loyal my girlfriend and we are happily spending our time together. I love her from the bottom of my heart and nobody can take that away from us.
Where I'm getting at is even though you have been cheated on, don't immediately give that person up because they might actually be your soulmate. I'm a hypocrit saying that because I probably wouldn't get back with any other partner if they cheated on me, considering the torment I've been through. The only advice I can give is love as you would like to be loved, and forgiveness can hurt, but asking "what if" is worst.