what girls would like

when your out with a bunch of friends or w/e, one thing a girl really values is being treated with respect by the boy she likes.

i mean obviously you dont hav to be her slave, but by doing little things like asking her if she's okay or needs anything actually shows that he cares. like for instance if you're at a party, and you're going to get a drink, ask her if she would like one too; if you're opening a door, let her go through first; if you're having dinner or something, pour her a drink - not v. complicated at all.

yes, these things are pretty trivial and probably some of you are wondering why the hell it makes any difference.
the point is, it sets the guy out from all the rest.
a lot of the time its small things like these which differintiates one person from the next.

girls like it when guys are interested in what she has to say and make it seem as if she's really cute/sweet or w.e. and absoluetly adorable.

when a girl is called beautiful and she can genuinely tell that he means it, that is one of the best compliments he can give her - not hot, not sexy, not fit, not buff or w/e because so many other ppl can fall into those categories, but beautiful, and trust me, she'll thank you for it later.

girls hate it when guys make fun of her, cos that just shows disrespect. obviously joking around is fun and she doesnt mind that at all but often there's a line that can be crossed, and when it is, its hard to reverse her opinion on you.

they love it when they get hugged from behind.
they love it when the guy seems as if he cant get enough of her, e.g. holding hands, random kissing on lips/nose/neck
lol pretty much girls like being romantic.

but above anything, sense of humour counts the most.
and i really cannot stress that enough.
make a girl laugh and the guy will automatically be 10x hotter in her eyes - make a girl laugh and you can make a girl do anything.

for some unknown reason even to us, its true that some girls are attracted to assholes. its obviosuly not because we're attracted to their insensitivity. its the fact that they appear more manly and like on top of everything in contrast with everybody around them. a nice guy can do that too tho - we also love it when guys are flirty, jus ffs dont grope us or w/e as a last resort, be flirty, be fun and slightly blase' maybe and you'll have us hooked.