internnet love

i met this guy on myspace (yeah i know lol) we moved onto aim .i saw his webcam and he was super cute ! we messages eachother on the aim until like 5 in the mornin . he said he loved me and i told him i did too .he was goin to fly onto a city dat is 4 hours away from me so i gave him my number and told him 2 call me . so as soon as he got here we talked all day everyday after a month and a half we started doubting that it would work but it was so hard 2 let it go . he couldnt let it go and i couldnt either we were just so attached . its been a year and almost 3 months and we are still together i recently just saw him for the first time three weeks ago and i felt so comfertable with him . i know its true love because i never felt like that for no one else at all . hes goin to come in two weeks to talk to my parents and plan to move in together over the summer . ITS JUST SO REAL AND IM SO IN LOVE . i never thought it would work but here yuu have me =)