Always Together regardless of the distance

I met my boyfriend, or rather my husband to be, online & we've been together for 2 years now and our relationship is more than just perfect! Our friends envy us eventhough we live so far away from each other (he lives in america & i live in the middle east). Everyone says we spend more time with each other than couples who live together. We do so many things to stay constantly in touch. We call each other by fone and text each other when either of us isn't home, but when we're home we use voice & video conversations on msn so we could hear & see each other & it feels as if he's really there!we even keep our cams and microfones on while we're sleeping it grants me sweetdreams when i hear him breathe. we also mail letters to each other which is more personalized and valued than emails & on occasions we fedex presents 2 one another!Last x-mass break my bf flew all the way to where i live to see me & we had an amazing time u see, keeping a long distance relationship isn't that hard, it just depends on how commited u are to one abother.