Why be sad?

Well, i'm just out of a two year relationship.. And yep, were best friends. So, it's incrdibly hard when you hear that your ex has just had a one night stand.. Especially if it's directly spoken from them to you. Thus, after hours of crying and wallowing, i put the whiskey and cigarettes down and reflected on my life. Yes, the two years we had were amazing, ye it was my fault that i didn't get the hint 2 months ago that she wasn't happy.. but was i planning on marrying her at 17? I don't think so.. Therefore why be so sad and beat myself up about it? The world is my oyster, and i still love her, but in a more plutonic way now, were still really close.. Which can hurt, so i may advise on keeping your distance from your ex (for a while..) The amount of times i've almost sent a text wth the routine "Lv You xxxxxxxx" at the end of it to her... Just give it time my friends :)