Watch out!

I started seeing a guy about a little over a month ago. We spent an amazing romantic first week together (the whole nine yards) Fancy dinners, walks at sunset etc. The night we met he told me he was looking for a wife. After the week he had to head back to Iraq. Upon his return 2 days ago I met him at his house, he had bought me beautiful jewelry from where he had been for my birthday, we kissed and hugged and he seemed like the real thing. We were making plans with our kids (we both have 2) And the night he came back I had got up from the couch to go into the other room and when I came back out he had a look on his face and I said what's up. He told me he didnt need this, he was done and wanted to go home. Talk about shock. I thought he was joking but this is the 3rd day and he still wont call me. We talked every single day while he was gone. I am lost and hurt. I still dont know what I did wrong. I just warn the girls out there if it seems too good to be true IT IS!!! I know the pain will go. Once the initial shock wears off I will be ok. Life is too short to waste time on men. They are who they are. I have cried my last tear over them. My kids deserve a strong mother focused on what truly matters....them! Good luck to you broken hearts out there.