So you cheated, now what?

Ok well i've cheated on the love of my life for about 6 mths. I didnt get any pleasure i just did it because she kept lying to me and i felt horrible and like i didnt mean anything to her. So all those one night stays made me feel good for a short time, until now. That girl is now stalking me and destroying my realationship.

But to give advice on if you've cheated this may sound horrible but dont say anything let that gulit and hate you feel stay there i do and thou there are many night that i am in paing because of what i do it has made me realiase what i have and to treat her better. And thou i belive she should know, i'd rather deal with this pain for the rest of my life then have her hurt as well.

Think about it guys and girls, you tell them you know there gonna leave let's face that. Second you know your hurting them by telling them but if you dont tell them and act the same with saying that you love them and that no one means anything to you your making them feel so happy. Now is'nt it better for you hurting for your mistakes then to drag them down? I say if your gonna cheat and not mean it then keep it inside and deal with it.


I also advise not to cheat there is no pleasure in it unless your on really confused and probaly should be single or two really really cold me, i was both.