the sexual turn on (for girls)

The seduction, moves, and final touch! -When you and your bf are both comfertable with kissing. When you and ur bf are kissing or getting ready to makeout... make him come to you!! Start SLOWLY backing up to a wall as your kissing him.. as soon as you reach the wall pin yourself against it.. and pull him up against you! start kissing once again, and as soon as it gets more intense.. move again... SLOWLY! This time try to move to a couch or his or your bed. in between the moving kiss and pull him closer to you! When you finally reach the bed.. plop down on the bed pulling him with! than while LAYING on the bed... have a wrestling kissing match with him... roll on top of eachhother... feel around and just simply kiss... and if you want to you can make it go further!! it makes him feel you up if you want it... SEDUCTIVE!! hope it works