bestfriends ends up kissing at the movies

i was at the movies with my 4 friends then my other 2 friends james and kariel split and they sat away from me and dylan so me and dylan were just sitting there watching the movie and he asked me if i wanted to hold hands and i said yes and then he asked me to kiss him and i said yes then he said do u want to french kiss me and i was kinda nevouse cus he was my friend but we did along time so after that we didn't talk a while but the next day i went to his house and we kissed again i wished we could go out but he wants us to be friends but it's all good i'll get him back i'll love him forever

so if your scared about kissing a guy that your bf or your friend that wants to kiss you then just go for it but you dont have to but you'll miss out and you 2 might find eachother apealing and you guys might have feelings to eachother and you 2 might go out