Don't Beat Yourself Up If You're Cheated On

I lived with a man for 3 years of our relationship, we were together for 5. Instead of communicating honestly and openly about our relationship, about his feelings, it was easier for him to just sneak around behind my back with someone that didn't need anything emotionally from him. He likes to claim he couldn't help the timing which is totally ridiculous. Ultimately, it says more about the person doing the cheating than the one being cheated on. Cheaters are selfish, immature and have no self-awareness. While you were walking on eggshells trying to make things perfect for a guy that could never be happy, he was emotionally checking out. Eventually he will figure out that what is missing in his life is inside of him, not in a relationship. How scary is a man that needs to constantly define himself by being with a woman? Just find comfort in the fact that he will eventually be crying in his soup about how he made the biggest mistake of his life. Just laugh and realize he did you a big favor, you can live your life for you instead of some loser that was never going to treat you right.