Make Sure the Person You are Talking to is Even Them

Sometimes people have self-esteem problems or they don't get attention from the people around them, like their friends or family etc. People will actually take fake pictures of themselves or give you a fake myspace so you will be attracted to them solely but their looks. Just cause they are faking what they look like doesn't mean they are 10 years older or younger or they are faking who they are for a very immoral reason. The person could be starving for attention from you by faking what they really look like. Make sure the person sends you frequent pictures of themselves sometimes even having something to do with you. Make sure u ask questions about the little things of the person in that picture and acknowledge the way they answer you. If they stumble with their words or totally flip their first answer than confront them about these things. You have to understand we were made to get attention from others and if people aren't getting it they will do anything for it so just be very cautious with who u r talking to and don't help them out with their lies even if it isn't intentional.