You Reap What you Sow

I was once a care free young man until I met the girl of my dreams, she swept me off my feet. After a year or so the cracks started appearing and she would take more than she was providing emotionally. At this point I needed Love and respect and unfortunately others provided it, then I took more than I was providing and she went else where, She however does not know i have strayed but I do know she has. I am battling with my head and my heart, I love her and am working on it but whenever she wants to go out I cant stand it. I have however got what i deserved for treating her poorly in the first place so I have learnt a valuable lesson.

If you sow carrots you shall reap carrots if you sow potatoes you shall reap potatoes.

If you sow happiness you shall reap happiness if you sow love you shall reap love.

Give without want of return and your life will improve.