Getting a girlfriend

First off you must get yourself a positive attitude and not think of things like: whats the chance she will go for me and that sort of stuff. Get that out of your head.

Secondly keep your eyes open for a nice looking girl. Do some research about her just to see if she hasn't already has a boyfriend. Oky, now is the hardest part of all. To go up to her out of the blue and go talk to her. Yes. it's hard but like I said, positive attitude. Don't feel sorry in life for yourself. You only get one chance in life so make it worth while.

Girls don't like guys that aren't confident in themselves. She want's to out with someone that isn't scared of life and not confident.

Now, you go talk to her. Never ever ask a girl out immediately. Thats fastest way to expect rejection. First off go and talk to her. Say hello, introduce yourself and ask her her name. Now, begin look at her body language. You will very clearly see if she doesn't enjoy your company. Talk about everyday stuff first to start off. Don't ask personal questions righ off. And don't make the first introduction to long. Keep it short and powerful. Make a joke or two.

Now, becomes the part where you must give something and fly like a rocket. When you talked a bit and are ready to take off, say to her you really enjoy her company and you would like to meet her again. Give her your number, dont give her time to make a decition if she want's to see you again or not and fly. She will now have time to think about things.

If everything goes to plan she will call you or if vise versa if you have her nr.

Get to know her and become her friend for a while. When you see she doen't lose interest in you, go in for the final strike. Ask her out.

You can either do it by asking her face to face, phoning her or sending her a letter.

Hope this tip works for all you guys out there....