i was cheated on by the love of my life

we were in it for good.
marriage, kids, we were perfect.

he went back home and cheated on me with a girl that he was close with before moving out here.
he said he felt digusted and he knew he wanted to be with only me and that he was drunk and doesnt even remember it.

i am 100% sure he never lied to me, well except for saying ill never cheat on you.

i couldnt handle the thought of him actually having sex with her. i puked. i couldnt stop shaking. it was the worst feeling of my life. i tried to not be with him but i love him too much.

its only the day after but i can tell you one things for sure. he is not having sex for a long time. i cant even think about kissing him after what hes done.

communication is key. we are working through this. there is no other man in the world i can be with.
ill never forgive
ill never forget
but ill damn sure try.

i cant stop picturing them having sex over and over, but im just glad i didnt ask for the details, even though im pretty sure i know how it all went down.