It is harder than i thought

My boyfriend and I have been going out for two year now and I can't really explain what sort of relationship we've had because there have been a lot of ups and downs. Well, the one thing that I hate about him is insecurity.

Last night I had a huge argument with him because we both decided to talk about our past relationships and when I said something, he criticised me. This is when I realised that it is never going to work out for us. We canít seem to have a normal conversation about other men or women even when they are just friends.

So I am ready to break up with him but I just donít know how to do it this time. I have tried it before but he canít accept the situation. I feel like if I ignore it and move on, then we would both be wasting each otherís time.

May be I should write a letter, this way he would understand whyÖ rather than telling him and then forgetting what I told him. Well GOOD LUCK to me.