cut it off

Me and my fella were together for almost a year, then all of a sudden he broke it off, I was distroyed, I tried calling/txtin/emailing up until the point there was steam coming out of my ears...I just could not understand why, i thought we were perfect together, we saw eachother a couple of times after-we'd go out for a drink, go to the flicks etc: but as soon as he drove away I'd find myself hurting...I decided that was it, enough was enough, new years eve was coming up, and without contact for a month I sent him a txt saying "My new years resolution is to forget you and move on, take care of yourself" On the 31st december I decided to find a corner in the pub and settled to read my book, I had a phone call it was HIM asking me where I was and could he join me, i played it cool but eventually agreed...A long story short is that he couldnt hack the fact I was going to cut him out of my life for good, its so true that men always want what they can't have, he told me he loved me and couldnt live without me! Good times!!