everything u need to know

1. U make it seem pretty obvious u like the girl, but not TOO obvious.

2. when she seems cold give her your jacket!!, she'll really like it especialy if you just give it to her during the movie.

3. Have a good sense of humor! Girls love guys with a funny personaltiy.

4.send her notes in between classes in her locker. she will really like it if her friends see it if she likes you.

5. Dress nice! And smell good!

6.always agree with her dont make her feel not able to understand what your talking about. DONT EVER TELL HER THAT WOMEN STAY HOME OR CAN DO THE THINGS MEN DO that makes her hate you.

7.DONT BE A DAM PERV! Girls hate it when u grab her ass or boobs!

8.touch her hair!!!!

9.GIVE HER BAGELS! just kidding but give her a flower and hide it on her doorstep or locker at school and make sure to put ur name!

10.you always have to make the move.Girls are shy and they dont want to be rejected.

11.Always be yourslef! Girls hate it when guys are somthing there not!

12. Touch her on her arm or sholder, girls love it when you do that.

13.If you go on a date with her fist take her to the movies. take her to a sacry movie she'll hold o to you and probably in your lap

14. Have good breath! Bad breath is girl repellent!

15.after the first date walk her up to her door!!!! trust me it works

16.Call her or text her often! But dont TOO much, girls always wait for the guy to call her!

17.try to spend all of your time with her. But justdont stalk her.

18.If she has a computer talk to her on the net! Its much easier to express ur feelings!

19. Hold her tight too you but dont restrain her from going anywhere!

20. Call her cute little pet names!