What to do if he has GF, but u know he wants you!

I determined to get my Ex back, even though I know he has GF, because I'm sure, I'm the one he really wants. He says his only with her out of convenience...? We have been seeing each other for 2yrs, and a few weeks ago I dumped him cause i didn't want to be the other women. I think that hurt his pride, but i know he will back, as always.

Sometimes people really don't know what they want... it's true! U need to make them realise what life is like without you and the lengths u will go for them - no matter how much of idoit it may make u look!

The best way to get an Ex back i think is to be honest, tell him how u feel..! you may want to write a letter, poem or if u can't simply find the words!

Look for the words in music and art; everyone loves surprises so send him/her a CD of music, something they can listen to over and over, that has relevance to how u feel or what you wish to communicate.

In the future it will remind them of u, possibly even inspire them to take steps to resolve the issue! Like a letter, I promise it will never be thrown away!

Its a tried and tested method!